Nothing Daunted

Nothing Daunted

By Dorothy Wickenden. Softcover.
In the summer of 1916, Dorothy Woodruff and Rosamond Underwood, bored by society luncheons, charity work, and the effete men who courted them, left their families in Auburn NY to teach school in the wilds of northwestern Colorado. They lived with a family in the Elkhead mountains and rode to school on horseback, often in blinding blizzards. Their students walked or skied, in tattered clothes and shoes tied together with string. The young cattle rancher who had lured them west, Ferry Carpenter, had promised them the adventure of a lifetime. He hadn't let on that they would be considered dazzling prospective brides for the locals.
Nearly a hundred years later, Dorothy Wickenden author and granddaughter of Dorothy Woodruff, found the teachers buoyant letters home which captured the voices of the pioneer women, the children, and other unforgettable people the women got to know.In reconstructing their journey, Wickenden has created an exhilarating saga about two intrepid women and the "settling up" of the West.
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    On the New York Times Bestseller list, softcover blk/wht photos

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