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Cemetery Preservation Project

The Hayden Cemetery stands as a testament for our local history and is a vital tangible resource of our rich heritage and past. 

The cemetery started in ...<history here>

Throughout time, many plot markers have lost their battle with the elements, while some plots never had markers as  there just wasn't enough money to have a marker made or they were made with materials  such as wood that did not withstand time. There are over 250 unmarked graves in our cemetery. Sadly a fire destroyed some of the burial records however with research we are able to reconstruct who is buried in the cemetery we are just not able to determine where these individuals are buried. 

This project will entail three phases to deal with these issues:

Phase One: Marking known gravesites

Phase 2 Marking unknown gravesites- we know someone is here but we have not determined who.

Phase 3- A Memorial plaque listing the names of people we know are buried in the cemetery but we do not know exactly where they are buried.

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