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Historic Photo Collection

​Reproductions of the photographs in the Hayden Heritage Center Museum collection are available to the public.  Their use is governed by a contract signed  between the user and the Museum. 

The total cost for a photo is a combination of the following (where applicable): a usage fee, a reproduction fee, and/or a digital file fee. The Museum may waive the fee.... be sure to ask as it is our goal to share our collections!


Fees help us maintain the care of our collections by giving us the funds for proper storage and digitalization.

Usage fees:

Private Use...No fee

Commercial decorative (display) ...$25.00

Book Jacket/ Magazine Cover....$75.00

Books per edition...1-5,000....$15.00; 5,001-10,000...$35.00

Magazines serials incl. newspaper....1 to 50,000 circulation......$20.00

Postcards, t-shirts, calandars etc....1-1,000 copies....$40.00

Internet per year...$25.00


Reprodction fees:

Digital files (jpeg/ tif)

              disc or a thumb drive......$15.00 if we have the item digitalized /large. oversized or concave photos                              may need additional digitalization via outside source

              email/ digital share....... free for members ; $5.00 non members

Please contact us for pricing for prints 

This prices are subject to change. Please contact the Museum.

add $5.00 for shipping in the Continental U.S., Outside the Continental U.S. and foriegn prices subject to current rates

The Museum has an indexed searchable database for photos.  If you cannot make it to the museum contact us to see what we have availible.  Research  is help is free. Call (970)276-4380 or email:

​Images on this page are low resolution

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