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Calendar of Museum Events
May 11- Volunteer Cleanup at Mt Harris Memorial-11-12. Bring gloves, hat, sunscreen-  We will be weeding, picking up trash, fixing the wooden fence-general cleanup of the site. Give a call or email the Museum if you are interested in helping out! 

May 18- Hotdog Fundraiser at Ace Hardware in Steamboat Springs- raising funds for the Depot building

June 15- Elkhead Rock Schoolhouse Tour Fundraiser- Tickets available at the Museum 20 minutes prior to tour start.

July 13 -Mt Harris w/ Routt County Pioneer Picnic- Free
August 9-18 Routt County Fair- Check out the Museum Exhibit in the Fair Hall

September 7 Ride the Cog fundraiser with Historic Hayden Granary

October TBA - Echoes of the Past- Historic Hayden Cemetery Tour

December TBA - Annual Holiday Stroll with Historic Hayden Granary 1-3 pm

Our events , programs and continued operations are due to the support of our Individual Members, Donors and Corporate/Business Sponsors!!
We Give a heartfelt "Thank You!" for your continued support!!!!

2023/24 Members & Donors


Armstrong, C.

Ashbaugh, C.


Barnes, B. & BJ

Barnes C.

Bonnifield, P & E.

Borg, M.

Butruille, S.

Copeland, K. & E.

Corbin, F.

Crawford, J.

Cusick, R.


Davis, J.

Dawson, L.

Dayhoff, Judith

Doolin, B.

Duran, R.

Dworsky, S.

Erickson, M.

Erwin- Nicks, C.

Faucett, D. & K.

Frentress, G.

Friederich Family

Frink, M.


Gibbons, E.

Gilroy, K.

Green, J.

Hannegan, B.

Hendy, C.

Hockett, D. & J.

Holly, D.

Howe, P.


Jost, T.& S.

Kennedy, C.

Kuchler, E.

Kuchler, P.


Lager, B. & D.

Lash, Ana & Shawn Field

Ledford, A.

Leslie, N.

Mackey, A.

Mendisco, M. & H.

Merrill, J.& N.

Mladinich, C.

Monger, D. & L.

Moon, C.

Montgomery, A.

Mucklow, CJ & N.

Murphy, M.

Paxton, Ana Del

Peckham, Nancy



Reed, S.

Romberg, B.

Rutherford, L.

Sanford, T. & R.

Semotan, J.

Shreeve, M.

Sikes, R.

Smith, M.

Sundberg, J. & B.


Thormand, A.

Valora, S.

Watson, L. & B.

Wattles, T. & R.

Wickenden, D.

Wilkinson, R. & D.

Winn, G.

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