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Obituary Collection

Obituaries are wonderful genealogy resources containing a wealth of information on an idividual and their life as well as their family connections and relationships.

Jan and Nadine Leslie painstakingly compiled the Obituary Collection books  that are in the Museum, donating the collection in 2005.

This is an ongoing project . If you have obituaries you would like to share please email us at


Aber, Carl

Aber, Loren

Ackerman, Amy Olsen

Ackerman, Genevieve Lucille

Ackerman, Ted

Adair, Cordelia

Adair, Everett William

Adair, Forrest S.

Adair, John

Adair, Lawrence "Larry" Wayne

Adair, Samuel A.


Adame, Antonio "Joe" and Plutarcho (brothers)


Adams, Annie Lois

Adams, Don Adams

Aigner/Agner, Joseph

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